Assassin, Vol. 1

Seeing violence done in the dark has me leaving the light switch off as I speak in silence.
Seeking guidance when seeds of doubt sprout seasonally in my thoughts in result of wars fought with enemies seeking an alliance.
Walking through the alley of death where shadows are said to seen.
Selling souls to satan as satan sells goals that are fed to the fiends.
Motivated by material matter and obtaining it by any means.
Many of these lost souls assume leadership roles; pitching distorted visions in addition to false hope & dreams.
The misguided youth eventually age and become wayward adolescents;
Present yet disengaged from society while coping with their injurious obsessions.
Things that are so detrimental that they can be considered toxic.
Their minds are locked; boxed, but the key is love & God is the locksmith.
The mentality of the environment is the enemy, a merciless force of destruction.
The discretion of the hierarchy lacks consistency causing it to become the source of corruption.
These two factors form a chain reaction as victims began to victimize others.
Whether it’s by taking advantage of their peers or by taking the lives of others
& the cycle continues, it’s persistent; the effects are the equivalent to that of a dark plague.
Who’s to know when this cycle shall be broken; the breakthrough is unclear & remains vague.
As a result we have entered a state of limitations & entrapment – without fully acknowledging the fact that once again we have become enslaved.

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