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artists, activists, innovators


columnists, writers, content curators


anyone is welcome through submission or commission

[steph one] introduce yourself via the form above

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[step three] editors review + reach out

[step four] process + publish!


share your recount of/as musicians, artists, filmmakers, poets, writers, activists, volunteers, photographers

we encourage social or political commentary – personally OR demonstrated in work

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behind the scenes

if you really dig what RECOUNT is about and want to join us in creating this magazine, email us.

we’re looking for tech, distribution, and support as well as content curators.


how long should submissions be?

they can be a recent project or thoughts on an experience, single instagram photo with caption, a full editorial piece, a content suggestion – whatever moves you.

do I need to have a following to be considered?

no, definitely not. one of our key objectives is to change the conversation surrounding culture, politics, by considering everyone’s expressive efforts meaningful and valid. if it’s your first time publishing, congratulations are due. we judge by the quality of your content and will always provide feedback.

why me?…

why not? we welcome contributors from all over the world and appreciate personal perspectives and counterculture ideas on global issues. we just want to know what you have to say. we welcome all thought-out perspectives, and in doing that, hope to amplify the voices of the people affected by your experiences of the environment as well as the political process. we hope our contributors will be empowered by sharing their your philosophy.