What Is Love

By Lashandra Willis
Love is the security blanket that protects always.
Love is the shield that blocks unwanted harm.
Love is the foundation and most important building block.
Love is the repair for brokenness.
Love is the diamond that cannot be ruffed out.
Love is the charismatic whim that is eclectic in nature.
Love is the bloom of a novice flower’s growth.
Love has been misused and abused as a tool of deceit.
Love has been there since the beginning of existence.
Love is how we got here because I AM loves us that much.
Love is energy connected to every manifested being.
Love has been divided into levels to appease the fleshly desires.
Love is spoken of callously in a manner that is distasteful to the heart of grace.
Love can be complicated… when we make our paths that way.
Love can be elusive to those constantly in complaint.
Love is the bridge to safety, gap to fill spaces, and amplified with true empathy.
Love makes all things whole and is the ultimate salve in all times.
Love is, has, and will always be the past, present, and future of this current now.

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