Randy Maples aka Trandle hosted his Triangle peers and performed deep, lively, slapping sounds, driving waves and bass through the space and out onto the thoroughfare outside of Parts & Labor. The Raund Haus stage sat comfortably – and rightfully so as the consistent community programming for this year’s Moogfest. Raund Haus is always thoughtfully growing and shifting, so it felt fitting to find artists like Trandle, OG Senpaii, Gemynii, Treee City, and Oak City Slums bringing positivity, variety, and texture that pulsed through the area with each set, at no cost to patrons of the bar and passersby.

The collective, an assorted group of local experimental electronic artists, regularly hosts parties and touring artists (Linafornia might have been my favorite so far) at staple venues, including Moogfest site, the Pinhook. They collaborate to create a platform for producers, and keep each other fresh, exploring their styles through friendly competition at their Vinyl Sample Challenge series at Bull City Records. So there’s the music – but also the natural extensions; they regularly feature the visual art and unique fashions of Cool Boy 36, who we sat down with last year.

You can find much more from Trandle and Raund Haus on Bandcamp, Soundcloud, Spotify, and elsewhere I’m sure. Check them out on your go-to channel and see what you vibe with – there’s a range under their umbrella, and more to come.


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