“Stand by your early work”

This – and the full range of Solange’s performance, sharing pieces from Solo Star to A Seat at the Table – truly resonated at the intimate space at FORM festival in Arcosanti, Arizona.

The festival, curated by Hundred Waters, provides space for a union of thoughtful creators and unconventional thinkers. Paolo Soleri truly designated us a reflective future when envisioning and constructing the space that fuses community living, ecology, and architecture. Throughout, we were reminded of our place as visitors, beings whose impact on the earth and the space around us can breed and amplify harmony or disruption. It’s something about laying about with others in the high-desert – birds in the rafters, people on the grass and ground, music in the wind. It’s like this dance of timeless elements.

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The performance was like that as well, striking energy from the group’s gestures in complex arrangements, deep auras from the flow of their fashions, familiar and unexpected sensations rippling throughout the crowd (don’t take my word for it, you can feel it in our responses and see it when she joined us offstage).

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Despite being in the midst of an intense bout of travel, Solange shared of herself that comfy night, and lent inspiration to our small, eager group. The segment we’ve documented captured this message – to nurture friendships and value those that lift us, because that reciprocal energy gets you through. I’ll be revisiting her words for creative insight.. be sure to catch Solange and the band when you have the opportunity.


Footage and photography by Cameron Spann of Deadfly Films.

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