Introducing Smoke from all the Friction

My current musical project, electronic pop band Smoke From all the Friction, has been as much an internal development project, as an artistic one. We played a bigger show where we spent a lot of time and preparation trying to create an ambiance in the space that matched the musical performance of vulnerability and self-exploration.
After the show, some young guys came up to us and were really excited by the show and nervous to talk to us. It became a weird, epiphanic moment, where I realized that I had the ability, through my creation, to influence these guys. I could work on overcoming and pushing myself to be the best I could be, or I could be indulgent and focus on gathering attention and approval. Whichever I truly choose would end up being what I passed on to these younger guys.
So a sense of responsibility is an encompassing factor of my work, seeing that I have the ability to make the current and future a little bit brighter – but if I don’t work to overcome myself, I make it a little darker. I hope to continue exploring these themes through my music and this project.

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Reflection written by Cam Gillette, producer, guitarist, and lead vocalist in Raleigh-based Smoke From all the Friction.

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