Dancing with Destruction

Salvador Dali, “The Dance”, 1957. NY Times.


How dangerous and compromising it is.

It looks so enticing with how welcoming it portrays itself, flaunting what it has to offer.

You look at it long enough, and eventually it’ll pull you in for the kill.

Once you’re in, you’re seduced with every advance it gives you.

You start to believe you can be intimate.

It holds you tight, whispering all of its secrets and desires.

You cave in, opening yourself to reciprocate the unity.

Now you feel unstoppable, you’re getting everything you want, regardless of the price.

You’re invincible.

But, as you look around, you see everyone close to you starts backing away, fearing of what may come next.

Soon enough, it’s just you in an empty space, oblivious to the establishment of the chaos.

What was friendly is now frantic.

The only move you can make to find yourself is to step away from the tumultuous fiasco.


Salvador Dali, “Art of Boogie Woogie”, 1944. Lost to a fire in 1956, and transformed to “The Dance” (pictured above). NY Times

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