Cypherpunk Hammy Havoc’s take on privacy, open-source society, and true self-sustenance

Hammy Havoc is a multi-faceted cypherpunk writer based in Liverpool, United Kingdom. We had to have him tell us more about how he - and others - can practice what he preaches; cypherpunks are advocates for social and political change via strong cryptography and privacy-enhancing technologies. Cypherpunk principles tie in directly to his workflows as CEO of Split [...]

#OpKKK: The List Is Fake, Some Other Anon’s Educated Guess

We know, you really thought it was real. We did too.   The internet exploded earlier today once an anonymous tip landed in PasteBin, listing supposed ties between 9 government officials and the KKK, a white supremacist organization historically responsible for the murder, terrorism and systematic oppression of many American citizens based on race, religion, [...]