Margaret Chardiet’s experiments of the corporal and spiritual never shy away from the existential tension between them nor the vitality of their merging, if only incidentally or by force. That force is Pharmakon, deconstructing sound and creating visceral vibrations in the process, gathering sound (even their own breath) to manipulate it beyond the point, synthesizing […]

Kill Alters

At Moogfest 2017, the band I fell for¬† hard, pining after a long-distance crush hard, was New York’s Kill Alters. Bonnie Baxter, Hisham A. Bharoocha and Nicos Kennedy were completely raw and the experience was rare and rapturous.¬†Their sound strikes deep and fully immersed Motorco Music Hall in vibrant, chaotic flow. You know those shows […]

Omar Souleyman

FORM Arcosanti and Moogfest are both on our radar this year. The former is three days in the high desert of Arizona, appreciating the integration of architecture and ecology, ‘arcology’ brought to life by Paolo Soleri and the dedicated residents of the gorgeous urban laboratory. Hundred Waters’ 4th year brought 1500 creative, environmentally concerned, and […]