what we’re about


verb, tell someone about something; give an account of an event or experience. 

noun, an act or instance of giving an account of an event or experience.


Culture is actually lived – art, music, film, design, and the written word offer us all the chance to explore identity, expression, civil rights and inequity, climate change, issues of access and sustainable infrastructure, existential questions, and social movements. We celebrate and explore the connection of human experience and creative expression to participatory politics.


RECOUNT is a space where the conversation is about sharing experiential knowledge. In collaborating to create and reflect, engaging in community and political processes, speaking out and writing in reflection, the people tell a story very different from corporate media narratives and politicians’ power plays.

When shared and intentionally applied, people’s experiential knowledge continues to drive community, innovation, political counterculture, and social entrepreneurship.


We seek to share your experiences, personal philosophies, perspectives on the built environment, and commentary exploring the world around us.

We are always open to submissions, suggestions for features, and new contributors.

Just reach out for more information.