what we’re about

art, music, film, design, commentary, the written word

all offer us the capacity for reflecting on past and present, projecting our vision of the future,

reminding us that we create the possibility of manifestation in our being

present, aware, questioning


/ri’kount/ is a space for exchanging experiential knowledge,

collaborating to create and reflect,

engaging in community building and critiquing political processes,

speaking out and writing in reflection,

we are the documentarians,

telling genuine though limited truth,

through art, activism, existential exploration..

when shared and intentionally applied, this drives the collective towards innovation, revolution, connection


people all over the world are welcome,

share experiences, philosophies, perspectives, and commentary on our world here,

through analysis, conversation, any expression that comes to you


we are always open to submissions, suggestions for features, and new contributors.

reach out anytime for more information.


note: this is not a space for corporate media narratives or politicians’ power plays.

we are a small independent media project, collectively considering the ways culture and identity are lived, concepts of rights and equity, environmental justice and ecology, issues of access, sustainable infrastructure and built environment, spirituality and morality, trends and social movements

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